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free mobile & desktop wallpapers

When you've found which wallpaper you'd like to give a new home:

 If you’re on a desktop computer, right-click on the image to save it to your hard drive. If you’re on a tablet or mobile phone, press your finger on the screen until the "Save Image" option appears, and select "Save Image." Now that you’ve saved the image on your desired device, click on your Settings app and select the design as your wallpaper.


thyCAN pattern — mobile

Patterned background best for mobile phone displays. 1080x1920 pixels.


thyCAN pattern — desktop

Patterned background best for computer displays. 2880x1800 pixels.


Rest quote — mobile

Quote background for mobile displays. 1080x1920 pixels


Rest quote — desktop

Quote background best for computer displays. 2880x1800 pixels.

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