See More Survivors Round Sticker

See More Survivors Round Sticker

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There are almost 1,000,000 thyroid cancer survivors in the United States alone, yet many don't even know what the thyroid is or how important it is. Because of this, thyroid cancer survivors face a long road of survivorship and self-advocacy for their health. This round sticker is a gorgeous sky blue with turquoise, dark blue, hot pink, and white accents. Thick & durable vinyl sticker means your sticker is protected from scratches, sunlight, and water. Works perfect for display on laptops and water bottles, or closing envelopes!


     Round sticker measures 2" wide and 2" tall.


    Colors in person may vary from on-screen representations. 


    All orders sent via USPS. Most domestic orders will arrive within 7 business days from shipment date. Holidays and international destinations may affect these travel times. 

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