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  • Chloe McElmury

Why you deserve to be called a survivor

Thycan Survivors.

Survivors... what does that word mean?

Does this mean I’m 100% cured, no evidence of disease?

When I created Thycan Survivors, that’s far from what I had in mind. For me, I’ve been battling recurrent papillary thyroid cancer for 10 years now. Am I cured? Far from it! But you better bet I’m going to call myself a survivor.

Even if you’re not cured, you deserve to call yourself and be called a survivor. We’ve all been through different things, but all have probably been scary at one point or another. It’s been HARD, even if you’ve told yourself thyroid cancer is easy to treat, and others have it so much worse.

In my own fight, I had never felt strong. Everyone would tell me—family, friends, and strangers—how strong I was. Maybe they just didn’t know what else you say to a 12 year old fighting cancer. However, now I see I had the strength all along, even when I felt powerless.

It’s because of this, that I believe we deserve to be called survivors. No matter where you are in your fight, you should begin to believe in your own survivorship. You’ve sacrificed something in the hopes of something better—whether that’s time, money, your emotions. As thyroid cancer survivors, we live with this forever.

You are strong.
You are still here.
You are a survivor.

This sentiment is the inspiration behind our latest Bonfire apparel campaign! We've got a few days left on our See More Survivors design. All proceeds are being donated to the American Cancer Society!

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