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  • Chloe McElmury

Thyroid Cancer Survivors Answer: Weight changes and thyroid cancer

We asked survivors, did thyroid cancer affect your weight?

  • I got motivated and lost 20 pounds

  • Gained

  • A slow gradual increase in weight

  • +30 lbs

  • Oh lord I’ve put so much on. Used to be able to drop winter weight now I feel like a moose

  • #1 thing I was worried about—but so far my weight has stayed within a 5lb range (as in it flucuates within that range depending on the day)

  • You have no idea, I’m sick of working on losing or even just maintaining it!

  • My weight has increased almost 3 pounds a week since my total thyroidectomy

  • No weight changes

  • Gained 10-15 pounds before surgery, 3 months post-op I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of it

  • BIG time. No pun intended. Cons of being really hypo

  • Yes

  • Lost 7kg

  • No

  • Yep I’ve gained about 75 lbs

  • Yes. I’ve gained weight and can’t keep it off.

  • The most fluctuations I’ve ever had to deal with— there is no maintaining

  • Only 3 months post op so thankfully not too much.. I’m anticipating a gain, but choosing better choices now

  • Tremendously. I’ve gained over 45 lbs in the 5 months. It’s the pits

  • I’ve lost weight when I was suppressed. Already thin, so I looked and felt very sick.

  • Ugh been on the up side since I was diagnosed

  • Omg not sure if it’s the shitty meds or just age but yes. Sure has.

  • Made me gain.

  • It’s impossible to shed the lbs!

  • Graves and cancer made me bloat with 18lbs of water, once I got a thyroidectomy I lost it all.

  • Yes, but it could be worse.. however I’m not happy with my weight

  • Stayed the same. Fighting for just over a year.

  • A lot!!!! I gained 10 kg and it is the hardest thing to lose weight, I breathe and gain one kg

  • I’ve gained about 14lbs that I can’t lose

  • Size 10 when diagnosed— now a size 14

  • Up up up

  • Increased appetite, but no energy whatsoever to go the gym and be active

  • After RAI I gained so much weight, it was awful

  • Lost 10 (1st dose) then gained it back and another 10 when my dose change

  • I’ve very suppressed due to a recurrence and was still able to lose over 120 pounds!

  • I’ve gained about 15 pounds

  • Yes

  • Soooo much weight gain and I can’t seem to lose it. Would love some recommendations!

  • More or less

  • Yee

  • My weight keeps going up and down, I feel like I don’t even eat much but I gain so quickly

  • I’ve gained about 20 pounds since my diagnosis!

  • My weight gain skyrocketed, I am working with a nutritionist and health dept

  • I’ve gained 80 pounds

  • Gained sooooo much. I’m suppressed so I thought I’d lose. but nope…

  • Up about 10 lbs

  • Finding it hard to lose weight despite good diet and exercise

  • Yes a lot, in addition to taking birth control to regulate my cycle.

  • More or less the same weight

  • I have gained almost a stone and a half and I can’t get rid of it

  • Weirdly no. I don’t understand it because I feel like crap and my levels still aren’t right. Grateful though.

We also asked survivors their tips for losing/maintaining weight as a thyroid cancer survivor. It really came down to staying in touch with your health and perfecting your mindset.


  • Perspective is everything, don’t let this take over your life

  • Know that a lot is going to change, but it’s ok, you can handle it

  • Fatigue is real and will rob you of your energy, but find small ways to move to help your spirit

  • Be kind to yourself. I’m in the midst of it and still how to do that

  • Don’t let it take over every thought. Exercise helps a lot too but it can be hard sometimes

  • Give yourself grace. You fought cancer and all good fighters have some scars.

Don’t give up on your health

  • Keep up with bloodwork on a regular basis. Don’t let it go!

  • Don’t forget to get checked up every other month

  • Go organic, better for the hormones

  • Energy is key to working out with you need to lose or maintain your weight. B12 shots!

  • Massage therapy on the neck. There were tight spots I didn’t realize were there!

  • Try to eat as healthy as you can with lots of water and fluids too. Speak to your thyroid consultant.

  • Talk to your professionals, get connected with the thyroid cancer support groups

  • Try eating low-carb! It helped me get rid of that bloated feeling.

  • Water, water, water!

  • (If it's possible for you) try a smart watch like the AppleWatch or Fitbit! They can help you stay motivated.

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