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  • Chloe McElmury

Thyroid Cancer Survivors Answer: How to beat fatigue

Recently on our Instagram account, I came clean to everyone. I have been struggling with low energy and fatigued, majorly! I realized I wasn’t feeling sleepy, but truly exhausted. As soon as I get home from work and take care of my dog, you can immediately find me in an oversized sweatshirt in bed. 

Our community came together to share their low energy struggles, and also some solutions! I wanted to share that advice from our community, to try to improve your own energy levels! You can find all the responses here. 

Here are the suggestions from our community:

On Sleep: 

Sleeping the hours my body needs!

Sleep, listen to your body.


Make myself get up and do stuff, no matter how much I don’t want to.

Constantly doing something, don’t take a break! Also just helps to get more things done.

I got so used to it that I’m able to push through now. Took a while though. 

Healthy habits:


Good nutrition, lots of water, and avoiding caffeine so I can listen to my body

Something needs tweaking and we’ll be right back to normal. I think it all depends on the treatment we are on and the diet.

Making myself go for walks, drink more water, and be around energetic people. 

Try to walk

I drink lots of water the whole day, eat healthy, get some sunshine, and try to work out. 

Working out

Rest with soft cozy blankets to be honest and eating food for fuel.. Not just when you’re hungry!

The company Your superfoods! I use their skinny protein, beautiful skin, and super greens mixes.




Coffeeee sometimes. Other times I just push myself and go do things.


Asking for T3 *thumbs up*

Taking my cytomel and a power nap or rest.


Iron and magnesium intake was upped and I’m feeling better.

B12 shots (injections) of B12 and B complex every week!

B complex but be careful, biotin can affect thyroid panels

Taking an iron supplement to help with the absorption of my thyroid meds.  

Getting a food sensitivity test. I found it helped me a lot with feeling fatigued because my body wasn't dealings with more than one issue.

Still trying to figure it out:

I haven’t found a solution

Trying to figure that out 

Still trying to figure it out

It’s been about a year and a half since my surgery and I feel exactly the same 

Still trying to figure it out. 6 months post op


Nothing yet. 

I’m still struggling to find something that works. Coffee doesn’t cut it anymore

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