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  • Chloe McElmury

Post-Thyroidectomy Advice

I hope you find this advice helpful. These words are directly from other thyroid cancer survivors, gathered through the @thycan_survivors instagram page:

  • Rest up, and drink plenty of water. Reach out whenever you need to. You're not alone.

  • Don't be afraid to cry in front of others! Others help with the healing!

  • It's always okay to cry!! It's very therapeutic

  • Be calm and search things to be happy. The recovery will be faster

  • If your doctor prescribes you Tums, go for the tropical fruit flavor. They're the yummiest by far.

  • If your doctor is making you feel unheard, speak up until they listen!

  • Take at least two weeks off. Share your story!!!

  • Get a really great travel neck pillow!

  • Be kind to yourself it takes time... lots of time

  • I just had it this week... lots of popsicles & smoothies!!

  • Be patient with yourself and buy a wedge pillow.

  • Talk to a therapist

  • Relax more than you think you need to!

  • Rest!!! Allow yourself this time to heal

  • Don't try to jump back into activities right away, give your body a break for a little while

  • Lean into the confusion, the pain–all of it. Acknowledge it so it doesn't have power over you

What advice would you give to others experiencing their thyroidectomy? What do you wish you had known before yours?

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