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"No one knows your body as well as you do" | Yasmin's Story

Back in April I accidentally discovered a lump in my neck. At the time I was a fit and healthy 24 year old. No signs or symptoms, doctor refused to see me in person and told me not to worry about it. He even asked me what I thought it was. My response, cancer! His reply “don’t be silly you're far too young for that”. Never have I ever felt so embarrassed and guilty for speaking to a doctor, I was made to feel as if I had just wasted his time. Time that could have been spent on someone unwell.

Fact: no one knows your body as well as you do and as time went on the lump got bigger and I began to get quite sharp and painful throbbing sensations. I put off calling back for a while and if it wasn’t thanks to mum I probably wouldn’t have. After weeks of chasing and complaining I eventually got booked in for an ultrasound scan in August, it was here where I discovered this was more than just a lump, the look on the doctors face said it all, a second opinion was given and then I ended up having to have biopsy’s through the neck. As traumatic as that was nothing could prepare me for what was yet to come.

After a long wait for my results I assumed no news was good news however soon discovered that cancerous cells were discovered and that I had 2 cancerous nodules on the right side of my neck. Unfortunately with this type of cancer the biopsy’s can’t tell which of the 4 cancers it is.

My doctor knew he had messed up and tried explaining himself, I have since then moved doctors and got referred to see one of the best specialist in the area. For once I felt like I was being taken serious and someone understood what I was going through. I have since had a right thyroidectomy 15th of December, one of the toughest weeks of my life however I can’t thank the surgeons or the staff at the Leicester Royal enough. Going into hospital is hard enough at the best of times, having to go in throughout a pandemic was even tougher than I imagined it to be. Not knowing what to expect, not being able to even see my mum when I needed her the most was probably the hardest part. Yes of course I was grateful to have FaceTime but not the best when your unable to talk.

Christmas Eve I was officially diagnosed with Follicular thyroid cancer, this type of cancer is unheard of for my age group unless hereditary which it wasn’t in my case.

Update: I did a sponsored walk before my next surgery.

Accidentally discovered my nodules end of March 2020. After months of fighting my case with my doctor I was given a scan, scan lead to biopsy’s. Was diagnosed with cancerous cells in my thyroid back in September. I was then refereed to see a specialist. Had a right thyroidectomy to remove 2 nodules on the 15th of Dec 2020. Further research was done on the nodules once out to see which of the 4 cancers it was. I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer Christmas Eve. Currently 4 weeks post op and due to have a completion thyroidectomy in a weeks time. Once recovered from that I’ve been told I have to have Radioactive Iodine treatment. This journey has certainly been a rollacoaster and something I could have never imagined at the age of 24-25 and only in my secound year of teaching.

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