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Lynlee's Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Story

Thank you so much to Lynlee for sharing her story.

My name is Lynlee and I am a thyroid cancer survivor. Today 4.11.2021 marks one year since I had my complete thyroidectomy, a 5.5 hour operation. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, and I have a loving husband so the shock of my diagnosis was unexpected. Earlier last year I noticed a slight swelling around the front of my neck.

As my youngest daughter was only a few months old I suspected I was run down from being a sleep deprived Mum, and the swelling could mean I was coming down with something.

Being so busy I left it and in October my daughter had an infected mozzie bite, so I took her to the doctor.

While I was there, I asked the doctor to please have a look at my neck. My intuition was speaking loudly and as my Mum had thyroid issues I thought probably this would be the case for me. The doctor sent me for an ultrasound, the news was not great, and I needed to have a fine needle biopsy. I went back to the GP for the results, with my 2 toddlers in the pram and I was told that I had a 65-75 percent chance I had Papillary Carcinoma.

My 2 daughters happily sat in the pram, and I sobbed. My husband was working away at the time and the GP called him. He came straight home that night. Thankfully there was an available appointment the very next day with the Endocrine Specialist. Doctor Su-Lin Leong was my angel sent from God. I was booked in the following week to have a full thyroidectomy and she removed 7 lymph nodes, 5 had cancer.

I was breast feeding my daughter and I had to wean her, and she refused to drink a bottle for 24 hours. Looking back, it was so hard. But I recovered like a rock star. I spent 3 nights in hospital and later in February I had my Radioactive Iodine treatment. 4 days in hospital isolation, in a tiny room. No one could enter the room due to me being radioactive and the meals were left at the door. I drank 3 litres of water every day, I was desperate to flush out the radiation. The magic number for me to be able to go home to my family safely was 22. When I was tested, my radiation level was 1.5, like the level received when being on an aeroplane. It was nothing short of a miracle. My scan was clear, and the oncologist was thrilled with my results. No cancer was to be seen!

After 4 days in ISO after having RAI, Lynlee's family was reunited again.

Thyroid cancer survivor smiling on birthday

The journey is not over for me, daily thyroxine, regular blood tests and neck ultrasounds for the rest of my life. I have strong Christian faith. I believe in healing and that with faith, God never leaves us. My scar can hardly be seen now, it is well in the crease of my neck. Today I feel amazing, I’ve been showered with love and I hope my story can encourage others that this diagnosis is simply a season in life. With winter comes summer. Stay positive always, believe in healing and keep smiling!

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