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I nicknamed my cancer "lemon"

Margot Clark, papillary thyroid cancer survivor

In 2018 during a routine OB/GYN appointment my physician noticed a nodule on my thyroid. After bloodwork, an endocrine referral and biopsy I was told that extensive tests showed that I had papillary thyroid carcinoma. I lovingly nicknamed it “lemon”. It was a lot easier to tell people I had a lemon than cancer. An amazing surgeon and I agreed that I needed my after thyroid removed.

After having my total thyroid and a few lymph nodes removed it was determined that the cancer was on the move. So, I got a ticket to treatment. RAI was one of the hardest things I had to go through, from the pre-treatment diet to post treatment full body scan. While it was a relief to know that the scan came back good, the biggest battle was all of the side effects that have come with treatment even months and now a year later. While I am thankful that my levels are great and certain side effects are less and less I realize that it's never truly over. For the rest of my life there will be daily meds, bloodwork and consistent monitoring.

Looking back at certain things like digestive issues, loss of hair, roller coaster with weight gain/loss all contribute to my thyroid not fully functioning the way it should.

I am thankful I can now use my story to encourage people to not only be their biggest fan through life's lemons but also the importance of annual check-ups and really listening to your body.

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