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  • Chloe McElmury

Fatigue and Thyroid Cancer Survivors

Recently on our Instagram account, I came clean to everyone. I have been struggling with low energy and fatigued, majorly! I realized I wasn’t feeling sleepy, but truly exhausted. As soon as I get home from work and take care of my dog, you can immediately find me in an oversized sweatshirt in bed. 

Our community came together to share their low energy struggles, and also some solutions! You can find the solutions in this blog post. I also just wanted to share the validation that came from our community, incase you feel you are the only one struggling with your energy levels! 

I hope this becomes a helpful piece to share with family or friends. It can be hard to understand and imagine the side effects of living without a thyroid! Each of these replies came from a different thyroid cancer survivor, from locations all over the world. 

I asked, “Do you ever struggle with low energy?” 

Everyday 😩

Yes, 18 years post op

I did in the beginning. 


Yes and the body pain. Some days it just feels like the blood pumping through my veins hurts. 

Always. And if labs are okay? Doctors don’t care.


YES! Everything feels like such a chore. 

Yes!! I don’t even know what to do anymore. I think I could sleep 22 hours a day.

Yes every day 😩

100%! I can fall asleep standing and have done so

Yes.. today was in bed by 6:30pm after work. Frustrating

All the time

YES. I’ve been in a funk for months!

Hell yes!!!! Among a ton of other things

Yes 😩

Yes, a lot… ☹️

Yes !! me too ☹️

Yes! My energy is almost nonexistent 

Yes ☹️

Every single day!

Yep everyday as soon as I get home from school or work I’m out. Little motivation too

Mental fatigue and brain fog is the worst for me.

Yes! I usually don’t talk about it though, because so many people say “me too” without realizing it’s different for me. 

All day everyday for the last 14+ years. It’s become my normal. 

Not much. Saying no to things and caffeine


It’s been my biggest challenge since my TT (total thyroidectomy) happened on August 30

Yes big time

Yes sometimes!

I come home from work and I could go straight to bed for the night! I hate feeling this way

December will be my 10 year cancerversary and I have struggled with fatigue from day one!

YES!!!! 3 years later and I can’t do caffeine because my heart races and gives me anxiety. Ugh!!!

No, I got more energy after


Yes and my Endo keeps raising my Synthroid! I’m on 175 

All the time. It sucks 😩


Yes. Has anyone struggled with tremendous weight gain?

Yes! After my thyroidectomy it took my doctors YEARS to find out I’m severely iron deficient!

All the time!

I haven’t had a normal TSH in over a year. I have forgotten what normal energy is.

5 years of a thyroid less life.. YES!!!




I wasn’t very active but I was able to keep up with my young son. Since my thyroidectomy, I can’t.

Yes 😕😥

Yes 100%

Yes. Even right after a nap

Yes! Had my thyroidectomy August 22nd, they damaged all 4 of my parathyroids. I’m tired

Yes I do and it sucks


Every!!!! Especially being a full time college student and working 30 hours a week

Yes… my energy levels are not the same since my surgery. I get tired easily and feel weak. 


Yesss! I’m always tired also. I just had my synthroid changed so I’m hoping it helps.

Yesss! That’s me right now. Actually for the past 2 almost 3 years

Absolutely and pain

All the time, I never feel rested

Every day, and with half a broken thyroid

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