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A scar that tells my story one day at a time

This is Kassandra Frankewicz's survivor story

In January 2018 I noticed a large lump that was sticking out of my neck. I knew it felt unusual but I didn’t think anything of it. I figured since I had lost a couple of pounds it was part of my neck, and I never knew it was there. Well as the months went on it was more noticeable, I started getting all the symptoms (WORRYING being #1) sleepy, fatigue, all the symptoms were spot on. I knew I had felt something so strange that didn’t belong. Thyroid problems are hereditary for me on both sides of my family, just never cancerous.  Fast forward to March 2019, someone saw me laugh with my head back and told me she noticed something unusual in my neck. At that point, I was convinced something was wrong. I went to my doctor and he saw the same thing: a large nodule in my neck and pushed me to see an ENT immediately.

After lots of ultra sounds, fine needle aspirations, stressful appointments and blood tests .. it turned out that one nodule was confirmed cancer.

Here I am today just one week after my thyroidectomy. I’m feeling good and like myself again each day that goes by. Before my surgery I was asked if I could donate my thyroid to research because it could help others. It will sit in a lab and be tested by scientists at some point when needed. Pretty cool if you ask me! I’m learning how to adjust with no thyroid and a scar that tells my story one day at a time. I hope that my story can touch others like some have done for me. It’s truly wonderful that we can share our stories and connect with those who understand the same feelings. 🦋

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